Loosing our connection

I wrote this several times already over the years, but it seems nothing has changed. In a world that is so connected we never felt so alone. It’s just like we forgot how to be human. Here’s several ways we have gone wrong With the move to the big cities in search for better opportunities,Continue reading “Loosing our connection”

Cat diaries

Dear hoomans You have a lot to learn. Where would you be without our help, the cats? Honestly this planet would be lost. You would have died poisoned already. So to help you out I’m writing my daily guide in the hope you will get it (or maybe not but a cat can hope). ItContinue reading “Cat diaries”

Unconscious rules

Our brains were designed for efficiency, and as such quite a lot of the action happens behind the scenes without us even noticing happening at all. From physical activity like breathing – how annoying someone made you think about your breath. Does it feel harder now? But it’s not even limited to the physical, reactions,Continue reading “Unconscious rules”

Squiggly Careers

I’m reading a book on how careers are no longer linear, e.g. it’s not just about climbing the ladder but more flexible. There can be a lot of lateral moves and sometimes one step back to be able to take 2 steps forward. Well mine I guess has not been so linear either. I meanContinue reading “Squiggly Careers”

Dear Stranger

To the stranger I don’t know, I wonder how you feel. To the stranger I don’t know, I wonder if you feel the same way I feel. Lost, tired, exhausted and sometimes hopeless. I wonder what makes you smile when you wake up in the morning. Is it the sun on your face? Is itContinue reading “Dear Stranger”


Where to even start… sometimes the words just fail and your mind just feels blank. There’s nothing in there, like an empty box. If you could see your mind in the mirror who do you think you would see? A blissful mind, sitting somewhere really nice and feeling relaxed? A stressed out mind, trying toContinue reading “Ego”


You woke up one morning and you are in between crossroads. How can you decide if you go left or if you go right? None of which is straightforward, none of which will give you any certainty. Both have a lot of risk, both can give you what you want except there’s no road thatContinue reading “Crossroads”

The blank page

There is something quite extraordinary when you face a blank page. You don’t know where to start. You don’t know where to go or where the words will ever take you. You stare in wonder for a few moments, wondering what will be, wondering what it will become. Maybe it will remain blank, maybe itContinue reading “The blank page”