Exploring Bath

Sometimes I really wonder what should I do… seriously!

It’s just like today, it’s cloudy… again and I’m tired of always going to the same places. Specially here in London if that means going to the centre of the city, always too damn crowded! 
So, this winter I decided to visit Bath. Fortunately I was lucky with the weather (you really need an extra dose of luck to visit any place in UK, because we cannot trust meteo, we have to do some guessing… Role the bones (This reminds me of a great song: Role the Bones Rush)
Why are we were… because we’re here, role the bones, role the bonessssssss
Ok, so after you role the bones, you can try your changes by exploring uk.
About Bath… it’s a good place to take a good bath… seriously. They have lots of amazing SPAs! (Which I didn’t try).
The city is quite small, but it has lots of interesting spots to see like the ancient Roman Baths




After that it’s always time for a good lunch. In the centre of Bath there are a lot of places to eat, lots of pubs and other interesting restaurants. Even a Jamie Oliver one (but for now I cannot afford that).
After lunch time, there is the Royal Crescent.
The Royal Crescent is one of the world’s best known landmarks. Built between 1767 and 1775 and designed by John Wood the younger, the crescent contains some 30 houses, one of which is now the Royal Crescent Hotel, another is Number 1 and open to the public.
After that it’s time to return to the train station, because it’s getting cold (even colder…)
Lesson for the future: Always buy flexible tickets. I had to pay more than 32 pounds to change our tickets!!!
The best part of going out, it’s really to return to the comfort of our home.

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