Exploring Greenwich

It’s been already 09 months since I arrived in London and therefore I’m getting tired of the city centre, like Oxford / Regent Street and Picadilly Circus are way to crowded for me. I love the parks, specially St James & Regent’s Park but I would get bored if I have to go there every weekend.

So one of my favourite places to go for a long walk is indeed Greenwich.

Where to start?
From the centre in direction to the Greenwich university. 

It’s a nice walking along the river and it has an incredible view to the Financial Centre and to the O2 arena.

Greenwich is also the Birthplace of Henry VIII in 1491 and his daughters Mary I in 1516 and Elizabeth I in 1533″

Also take the time to visit the Queens House. It’s indeed a very lovely place. (I will try to post more photos later on).

But the best part is indeed the view from the Royal Observatory. 

Greenwich is best known for its maritime history and for giving its name to the Greenwich Meridian (0° longitude) and Greenwich Mean Time.

One day I really have to buy one of this (pocket watch not the big one!)

Also a must visit is indeed the National Maritime Museum. I have to post more photos later one.

Hope you enjoy the visit as much as I did!

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