Portuguese-like in London

I’m noticing we have a lot of Portuguese-like stuff in London.
Yesterday I walked into a Caffe Nero and I’ve noticed they have “Portuguese custard tart”

Seriously? This looks like the frozen stuff we sell at the supermarket.

Ok, so what about the real ones:
“Pasteis de Nata”

My favourite come from “Casinha do Pao”:

“Pasteis de Belem”
These ones have an international historical brand “Pasteis de Belem” and they are better served hot

I know they look quite the same, but in terms of flavour it’s quite different.

Each of these varieties are very good with cinnamon and coffee! (Real good coffee)

If you live in London and if you want the try the real “thing”, you can go to any of the “Lisboa Patisserie”. There is one in Camden Town area and another one in Notting Hill. 

Another well known Portuguese-like brand is Nandos. We already had a Nandos chain in Portugal and it closed because it didn’t had any success. “The real Chicken Peri-Peri”??? Are you serious??? Piri-Piri!!!

At Nandos:

In Portugal, we all love a good Chicken, with or without Piri-Piri. Sometimes it can only be served with garlic sauce. This is a very traditional dish from an area in south of Portugal “Guia”.

This is a real chicken, it should be small to have a better taste, well grilled and with lots of flavour and sauce. Then it should be served with a “Algarve” salad: small tomatoes with olive oil and oregano. Perfect!!!

And to finish both of them, nothing better than a good coffee

Expresso: short, creamy and strong (without any sugar)!


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