How long until you find out, that our time is running out?

Time flies, in a blink of an eye, and we spend most of our lives following not our dreams but the flow of money. I believe that most of the time we even forget that we can dream. Dreaming is still free!
We are like little sheep; following were others go, blending with the crowd…because honestly we no longer know where to go. We are following the same road that everyone else, but why? Why don’t we question what’s happening around us? Why don’t we dare to make the difference?
The clock keeps on ticking and we keep on following. I’m no different then all the others, I follow as well… but inside of me I know something is wrong. Inside of me I have a voice that tells me I should follow my dreams.
But I really don’t know… at this moment the only thing I dream about is happiness. Is to be at home with those I love, to live a quiet live, to travel, to enjoy the simple pleasures of live. Isn’t this happiness? I believe it is… is just the world around us shape us our understanding of what we need to be happy.
They show us this great and extraordinary life, big houses, fancy cars… and the result? People like you and me look into the mirror, and because we are just the regular human being we feel like losers.
Maybe because I had fallen so many times I no longer care if I fall again. I no longer mind if I fall as long as I have someone to grab my hand and help me get up on track again.
I no longer afford to dream, I live only in hope… hope for better days, hope for a better world. In my head I still have my own world… once in a while I always manage to get in and live it all during my sleeping dreams, but at least when I woke in the morning I have someone by my side. I believe I don’t need anything else.
Step by step I let the clock keep on ticking, because at least I know what’s really important for me… 

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