While it’s raining outside…

Finally Saturday has come! Love to sleep longer during Saturday mornings and wake up with the sunlight on my window. Well not, at least not in UK. Today’s it’s another cloudy and rainy day.

Today actually I don’t mind, since I’m sick I cannot go outside. But once in a while I really enjoy rainy days, they are very relaxing. It’s so easy to get lost in thoughts while watching the water drops falling down in the window.

I even have a song called “I don’t know if it’s raining outside” (This is the link for the download of the song, please listen it’s really sad but beautiful).

In the rainy days I always remember how important is to value the sunny ones. Here in UK every time it’s sunny people go out to the gardens and stay there enjoying it. What do we do in Portugal? Everyone goes to the shopping centre. I don’t understand it! We only value what we can rarely have?

I value the sun as well as the rainy and stormy days. I like to stay in dorms listening to the rain go down…

It’s like if I close my eyes I can imagine myself in a cosy little house in the middle of the forest.

But the best part of the rain, is when it finally stops and the sun shines again and we can see lots of reflections on the ground.


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