Autumn Leaves

And so it seems that Autumn has come… I realize that, not only because I’m sick (normally at the beginning of Autumn I always end up with some sort of cold), but also because the classes have restarted (Cheers to my Dad that after so many years has returned to school as well). 

Most of all it’s about the colours and the leaves falling down. Can hardly wait to photograph the fields full of these amazing leaves! 

It’s really inspiring, isn’t it?

Autumn always remind me my Grandma almond pie! I wish I had some photos with me, but it’s something like this:

It also reminds me about chestnuts. In Portugal at the end of October we start eating them roasted. It’s a tradition specially during what we call “Dia Sao Martinho” (11 November), which is also my birthday 🙂

This post would never be complete without a soundtrack to match it, and nothing better than Vivaldi – The master of the 4 seasons!

And a final one,

So I’ve changed the blog layout! I really like this new style 🙂

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