Bringing my cat to UK


I’m really tired today! After a day full of meetings all I really want to do is sleeping… and to make it better I just got the news that in order to bring my cat from Portugal to UK I have to pay 473€! Are you serious??? For a cat??? I mean, I could go at least 3 times return to Portugal with that amount. It’s quite a lot of money, and I don’t see bringing a cat as a luxury! It makes me wonder if I’m doing the right decision, not to mention that I’ve already spend like 110€ for the chip and vaccination + 23€ on a proper container.

But… but… I miss you so!


2 thoughts on “Bringing my cat to UK

  1. Oh my that's so sad!! Hope you get to see kitty soon :)Thanks for your recent visit on my blog and your comment. I will try to post more pics on decoration. ;)Have a blessed day!

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