Thank you!

Finally Friday has come… I’ve been feeling really tired… exhausted…
I was trying to read in my journey back home but my mind kept on wondering around so I decided to write instead:

Did you ever have the thought that you never said the words you wanted to say and when you realize it, it was already too late?
How many times we keep on going without ever stopping to say a thank you, my life wouldn’t have been the same without you. I had…
Sometimes I have all the words, all the feelings inside me but I don’t even know where to start and for me I always had this difficulty in putting my feelings into spoken words, although I find quite easy to write them down.
But I wish I could speak for once and say it all before it’s too late, before time vanishes between my fingers… before the moment when you’ll leave and it will be out last second to say goodbye… I fear goodbyes will be lost and I won’t even make it on time…
Each day that flies I know it’s only a matter of time before the end.
I wish I could say all you mean to me and how I will miss you in my life
I wish I could say how I will miss all the long hours talking in the kitchen, when we could start a topic without even realizing where it would stop, when the words would flow so naturally and free we would even lost the notion of time.
I really miss those days, if we only could have them back, is it already too late?
It seems meaningless but all those moments meant so much to me… all your smiles when you were feeling down just because you didn’t want to worry me… they really meant everything!
Just by putting my feelings into words I’m already crying…
I always had this feeling that one day too soon you would be gone and I’ve always feared that day. It’s scaring to realize it’s even closer than I thought.
Will anything change if I beg you to say?
I know by now you feel so lonely and you feel time won’t fly back, everything seems long gone…
But I wish at least I could say how much I miss the old days, how much it hurt when I left home knowing all that would be part of the pass and I couldn’t no longer grow at your side.
I wish I could say thank you for all you’ve done for me, for everything I am and have achieved… it’s all thanks to you. 
Words will ever be enough to say: Thank you!


One thought on “Thank you!

  1. This sounds sad- but it's so true. Sometimes is hard to express what you feel inside to those people that matter the most in your life… let it no be too late, I guess the moment to start is "now" the "present" the present is a "gift" let's embrace it like such.Have a bless day sweetie 😉

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