Today I went into one of the workshops events from my company and I realize I’m quite lucky to work in such a place where we have the chance to meet extraordinary people and realize they do really put an effort on people.
Actually yesterday I just receive one e-mail saying we will have a session from a doctor to advise all future moms & dads on the challenges of having a 1st child. But that’s not what I want to talk about today (I might do another post on that later on).
I was just wondering about what keeps people motivated. Maybe for the majority they will say it’s the money they receive at the end of the month and I admit that affect us all anyway, it’s a basic need we have from work and that’s why we work in 1st place. But also I think it’s about why we run the extra mile, why we put so much effort in what we do? For me anyway, it only matters if you do a job you actually enjoy doing. I know that given the circumstances today maybe not all we can afford and risk to make a change (specially for those that already have a family to take care). But I believe that if we keep on doing a job we don’t like, or in a team we don’t identify with, sooner or later it will reflect on our performance… and sooner or later the bosses will complain about. I believe no one benefits from an un-motivated employee, and specially not the person in that position! 
Is just everyone is so afraid to change, to give a step into the unknown. And I have to tell you, it’s not an easy task, not even if the change is a good one. By changing it’s like we have to start all from the scratch again, building a network, adapt to the new place, to the new bosses, try to fit in again… But I speak for myself, I could never manage to get out of bed to go to work for a place I just hated (for the several reasons already mentioned) and I do respect people that do complete changes, like leaving everything behind to do actually what they enjoy doing, because ultimately that’s what we are good at. We will only be productive and really good if we take pleasure on it, if we put passion into it!
Also, I think it’s something companies tend to forget, sometimes is not only about the money, sometimes is just to be respected as individual and to understand we might have other priorities in life as well. For me, at the end of the day is to be with those I love, to afford to go out and enjoy the simple pleasures in live. I like what I do because it’s challenging, but I won’t risk my personal life because of work, forget it! It’s very easy to get dragged by a possibility of a career and keep on growing and receiving more money, but at what cost? What’s the point of keep on growing if there’s no fun, If there’s no one to share with? 
Sometimes it’s important to stop and revisit why we do what we do? What motivates us to do it? Does it make sense to continue in the same direction? Are you happy about it?
For me… as long as I have you by my side I will always have a reason to keep on going 🙂

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