Work for living or living for work?

This question has been inside my head, following me everywhere for the past few days.
The truth is I feel I’ve been living for work, all I’ve been doing is working, waking up early, always afraid of missing the train, arrive work, catch up with the mails, going to the meetings, prepare meetings… time flies and I don’t even have time to eat or to go to the bathroom. But the worst is leaving late, arrive home after 1h train, have a quick dinner and continue to work. When I finally manage to finish means I’m going to bed.
I love challenges in my life and I enjoy what I do, otherwise I wouldn’t be doing it… but the fact is the past feel days I felt quite miserable in terms of my personal life. I almost don’t speak with my boyfriend and he complains a lot that all I do is work. I keep on promising it will be the last time but it never is…
I will keep on going, step by step, but it’s important I never forget what’s really important.
Is very easy to forget everything because we want to give our best, because we aim for a good career, especially in times of crises, but a career is pointless if at the end of the day we don’t have nobody on our side to enjoy good moments.
It’s important to have goals but it’s important to never forget our priorities, and my priority is not work. I want to work just for living, to be able to share the sunsets at the bay, to travel, to laugh, to have joy, and not only on the holidays!
So let’s see how it goes, but I will be more careful from now on, even if it means I will have to walk slowly… but I don’t care as long as I’m not alone, as long as I can have you by my side 🙂


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