I wish I could put into words all the thoughts that surround my mind
Layer by layer falling apart and getting lost in the labyrinth of unspoken words
A labyrinth of emotions never quite understood
Step by step getting deeper and deeper without having any idea on the final destination
An ever ending journey in a foggy day, you can hardly see what awaits you, you just know you have to keep on walking, like if there’s a wall closing in your back,
There’s no turning back
Like a spider finding her way back home to each single web. I fear they might break through, but even like that I keep on going
I have the sense I can’t stop until I find… but not exactly knowing what I’m searching for
If the words will lead me to the meaning… will the meaning be lost if I manage to find the right words? Do feelings need words to leave their mark on your skin?
It’s dark and it feels lonely but it’s like somehow there’s something surrounding you and then you realize your trap in your own memories. The stranger you feel behind you is nothing but the memories of what we never managed to understand before.
It’s a journey into self discovery and then there is a warming light. The loneliness starts fading away, like the sun lighting your way into the mist. How can I find myself in the memories of my own past?
I remember being a child, young and innocent… remembering all I wished back was a smile and to be loved. As the years go through me, the innocent smile started to fade away but not the need of belonging, the search for love becomes desperate… so desperate I can feel it again!
But then, as the clock ticks I realize time is fading away… 


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