Why invest in Portugal?

Since I’ve returned from my Christmas Holidays I’ve been thinking all the time about what’s happening in Portugal with the Crisis.
I won’t even get into any details about this, but there’s something that troubles me. How can a country so reach and so beautiful be abandoned like this?

Prestige location – Perfect link to America, Africa and Europe.
Languages – A big % of the population speaks English, and many people speak at least another language like spanish, french or german. If we don’t know we will give our best to understand. This is also a must have to enter in markets like the Brazilian or the African one.
Flexibility – We can do anything. For our the scope of work is the where work can invent itself. We are able to adapt quickly and to different tasks, regardless if that was our primary work or not.
Renewable energies – Due to the location we have a tremendous potential to explore renewable energies. What do we need? Investment!
Weather – As human beings we need sun, we are less depressed than the north european countries, we have many sunlight days. This is quality of living!
Food – Plus the richness of our food, there’s a world to explore here.
People – We are a peaceful country with welcoming people. We are able to adapt to new circumstances and new people and we welcome everyone with open arms.

We are a diamond waiting to be discovered, waiting to be explored.

What do we need? Investment


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