Real Beauty

Oh well, my holidays are over and I’m back at the hotel… time flies specially when you are near the ones you love. But anyway, that’s not today’s topic. While I was in the plane I was reading an article about real beauty. The starting point was the polemic Breasts Implant issue from France. But how can we blame these women? Everything we see, on stores on television is a model that doesn’t exist in real life. Thin ladies with big boobs… models that don’t eat in order to be thinner. Is this real beauty?

 How can anyone prefer this

to someone who is naturally curvy like this

Besides beauty is not just the “perfect measures” 86, 60, 86. It’s about the smile, it’s about that special detail that makes someone special. What we see on television is plastic, for me it holds no real value. So for me people should dare to find beauty in real beauty, to dare to love themselves for what they are and not hide behind make up and fake.


2 thoughts on “Real Beauty

  1. Well, in that specific case I do prefer the first picture.But I'm a weirdo who likes inhuman characteristics. :PI also don't like stylized sex-bomb beauty, but that first one isn't that much of a stereotype.

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