1st Year in London

Happy birthday!
It’s been 1 year since I came to London. 1 Year already? Time flies!
I still remember my 1st week, living in the hotel, trying to find a home. I still remember being amazed by how big and multicultural the city was.
The expectation was big, the excitement as well. It was a whole new adventure, where we had no clue how it could end. We had very good times, specially in the company of our friends.
And normally because every year I do my objectives for the year to come, here it goes:

If I had to select the moment of the year, it was me “crying of happiness” for the 1st time, when I receive the call saying he had won the job he wanted (after a struggling year trying to find one!).
But also, because the bad times also make part of what we are and achieve, the worst time was really the sense of loneliness that followed me several occasions in my life in London. I really believe it’s very easy to feel lonely in such a big city, far away from home and from your friends. We couldn’t pick up the phone easily and arrange a coffee with a dear friend.
A good discovery for me was the spring in London, it really gets beautiful, specially when it’s sunny. Can hardly wait for spring to come!
Best food I had in London… don’t know, but I can say the best place to have food in London is really Tino because it’s so cosy! You feel at home and I really enjoy it!
Best english store: Whittard! Love the hot chocolates, the china, the tea’s. It’s such a beautiful store!
Also, love 1st day I’ve visited Richmond… I still remember saying: “I love this place, one day I will live here”, and go figure, 1 year later I actually live close by 🙂
Best place in England (considering I didn’t visit much), Oxford. It’s really a beautiful city, so green and lovely. I wish I could have study in such a place!

Let’s see what this year brings, but I hope I can travel more inside UK and spend more time at home 🙂


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