The root of all evil

And there she was, looking her reflection on the mirror and not even recognizing what she was seeing, if she was seeing anything at all.
Feeling such a desperate loneliness that even her heart seemed to be on fire… the fire that she needed now, the desperate feeling of waiting for someone to speak her name, to be recognized as an individual, to belong to something.
But no… she was lonely in an empty cold room, she was desperate… so desperate all she could recognize was anger and thirst, to steel from somebody what they have stolen to her. The desire for revenge!
And there she was… planning, calculating every step of her next move, how to trap her prey! Oh yes, nothing give her pleasure now apart from her mind chess game. Revenge feels so sweet. She had to make them understand and suffer the way she suffered. If she can’t be happy again, so no one else can.
She isn’t bad, just misunderstood. At least they will know her name, they will cry for her to stop, but there’ll be no stop. Not even time can stop her now, because anger is the fuel of her heart, so stopping means losing and she can’t lose, she can’t stand the feeling.
What she cannot see in the mirror is that everyone got away because she made them run, because no one else could stand her…
She never tried to understand; she never got out of her own world, of her own room and stepped outside to see the world with a different look and sense of direction. So she wanted to force her solitary shell into everyone she loved… but one day when she looked back there was no one else, only her… the victim of herself.
In the end… she ended up being the root of all evil… the solitary shell

“Self-Centred fear has got a hold of me
 Clutching my throat
 Self righteous anger running all through me
 Ready to explode”

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