and it feels so good

to be back home!!!

And it’s snowing again.
This time I was quite upset because the pilot told us: there’s a delay of 50m because of the snow in Heathrow. And I was just like: NOOOOOO I just wanna go home!!
But they managed to clean it on time and it end up being just a 20m delay. Not bad. So I’ve just arrived home and had a milk chocolate with some pancakes and cheese

But regardless of the snow, I’m so happy to be back. The people are nice with me, but it’s so hard to be away, it’s so hard to sleep in empty hotel rooms and feel so isolated.
It’s funny though because everyone this week was telling me I am too nice. Really? I like to be nice when people are nice to be and until they prove they deserve other wise. Or maybe because I’m having this constant feeling that actually life is too short for us to spend too much time on something that upset us, instead I prefer to enjoy the good things I have.

Like for instance I know that very shortly I know I will have to make an important (and not so easy) decision: career or life. I will choose my personal life back, but believe me, it’s not as black and white as it seems to be. 

But never mind for now, because it´s snowing outside 


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