Missing you before leaving

And today I feel like this… missing you before I’m even gone for another week. Missing all the seconds we can be together, side by side, hand by hand.
Miss your smile, miss your look, miss your words, miss your laugh. I wish I could stop the clock just for today, so we could be together a little bit longer, so we could talk again without even realizing time is flying.
Miss the days we could be together 24h. miss the days we could plan something together…
But it breaks my heart just to pack, to go to bed and fear the moment I will fall asleep knowing tomorrow I will be leaving. It breaks my heart the morning kiss because it’s the last one for 3 nights.
I know I’ll be back again, but it doesn’t make easier to leave you in 1st place!
How I wish I could be at home with you again!

“E naquele dia frio de inverno, so a saudade me abracou, so a saudade me levou com ela”


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