Happy Calories

1st of all it’s almost Thursday (weee!), and since yesterday was the valentine’s day I prefer to go to the related topic, chocolates! And by chocolates I mean happy calories.
I don’t know when I created the theory of the happy calories really, but it’s a theory I really enjoy myself.
1st of all, why happy?
Well, it’s just think about it, when you eat something you wish don’t you feel happier? Don’t tell me about the guilt you feel afterwards, I mean while you’re enjoying something you like, doesn’t it feel good? That’s why we wanted it in the 1st place!
Therefore, I think we all need to have what we want once in a while, we all need small quantities of happiness in our life to bright our days. 
My happy calories are normally chocolates, just love chocolate, especially dark chocolate. Secondly I can say ice creams. My special moment it’s really a good “Pastel de Nata”, how I wish I could have one just right now!

So please be yourself and enjoy your special moments: Happy Calories!

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