Well, because I think all my previous posts have been quite sentimental, I decided to write something a little bit more “educational”. 
And since tomorrow it’s carnival day, I decided to read something about the topic.

1st of all, the meaning. Carnevale (carne levare) comes from the Catholic origins, and basically means “End-of-meat”, marking the beginning of the preparations for Easter (40 days before), where people are not supposed to eat meat. 
The most ancient traditions come from Italy and the carnival of Venice, which for me it’s the most beautiful and charming one. I wish I could be there now to see it. I always link the masks to hide-and-seek games between lovers. 

Then we have the brazilian one, which came in fact from the european traditions. My dad says the history of Carnival is just like the history of Jazz, it keeps on growing each year. So brazilians start celebrating the european carnival, and now it’s the europeans that start adding some of the brazilian culture into it. Which doesn’t make much sense considering it’s very cold in Europe. 

Also, in a different way, there’s the German-Rhine Carnival, which is marked by Thursday with the women-day. It’s basically the women go crazy and take control of everything, they celebrate it by cutting the ties to man and by kissing every man they want. On Monday they have the parades and lots of free music.

And finally our celebrations in Portugal, which vary according to the city actually. In the south we have a mix between the brazilian but also tematic (normally related to the political affairs). This year it was about the Troika.

Finally in London, we only celebrate in the summer *which is smarter* and it’s called the Notting Hill Carnival. I was a little bit sick last year so I didn’t went. Maybe this year 🙂

Do you know any other carnival traditions? What have you done during this weekend to celebrate it?


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