Trying to find

One of the good things about revisiting your memories is the surprises you can get, we never know what we can find in our own memory book. I never know which chapter I might end revisiting, and today I found a song written by me in 2005. It’s quite sad but I still like it:
Walking in this night alone
Trying to find my home
Searching for a friendly hand
Searching for a place to stand
But I don’t know the way
To a better day
To all of my dreams
Nothing is what it seems
I’m trying to find my way
Trying to find a better day
But there’re only clouds in the sky
And for that I cry… I cry
I’m lonely… totally alone
Now I’ve found… that I’m on my own
Everything that I thought that could be real
Was never too near…
Was unreal
And so are you my love
The only one that I adore
But now I know
That you won’t miss me, never more
I guess I’m trying to open an imaginary door
Is hard to say
I know it is
That I’ve lost my way
No beautiful day
I’m running away
Trying to find a better place
But you… you’ve already forgotten my face…


2 thoughts on “Trying to find

  1. Sim tens razao, mas nem sempre e facil, depende muito do que as pessoas significaram para nos (independentemente do que significamos para elas). as vezes demora a esquecer, e enquanto nao se esquece custa, depois passa a ser so uma memoria distante 🙂

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