Visiting Portsmouth

(Round 2 – I’ve already started to post, but the computer completely blocked so I’ve lost everything.)

Oh well, yesterday we had planned to go to Southend On Sea, but as the pier was closed I’ve decided it was a better idea to visit some place else. And since both of us wanted to see the coast, we’ve decided to visit Portsmouth, which is only 1h away from our place 🙂

Portsmouth is home to the world’s oldest dry dock still in use and also home to some famous ships, including HMS Warrior, the Mary Rose and Lord Nelson’s flagship, HMS Victory.

So we’ve started from the city centre, where from my delight there was a vintage car exhibition






They look so romantic and beautiful!!! Love the pink one 🙂
Then we passed the station and we found these amazing graffiti  






But the new area around the old port (Harbourfront) was my favourite part:





Beautiful isn’t it? After our lunch in a very nice mexican restaurant, we went to visit the old dockstation, where we can find HMS Warrior. The 1st iron warship built for the Royal Navy




There were a lot of museums inside, but we didn’t had much time to visit them, we only saw a small one, about the history of the royal navy:

And the gorgeous HMS Victoria

My dad would love to visit this place 🙂

10 thoughts on “Visiting Portsmouth

  1. I would die to have a vintage car…oh they are so romantic looking aren't they?!?! come check out my Color Issue blog…I think youd really enjoy it!colorissue.blogspot.comxoxoAarean

  2. Ohh tens razao!!! Vou comecar a escrever os posts nas duas linguas, ate porque tambem e bom escrever em portugues (mesmo sem ter os acentos no meu teclado). Obrigado pela visita 🙂

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