You’re flight as been cancelled

The magical bad words that activate your stress button on your favourite day. Last week my flight was almost cancelled due to technical problems, it came but 1h delayed, this time I heard the flight was actually cancelled. NOOOOOOOO
I went to lunch very quickly (I was starving any way, especially now that I’ve started to count the calories, but that will be a different post) and when I was about to make the calls, I heard that the last seats from the previous flights have been taken.
I ran through the building and reached the phone to call our agency. I managed to get a Lufthansa flight for 16h25. The train to the airport was on time and everything seemed fine until the following words came out:
“Lufthansa flight has been cancelled…” I didn’t hear the rest, but luckily it was not my flight (sigh). When I was waiting for the boarding they gave some news about my flight, it’s delayed for a few minutes, that eventually became one 1h. So actually I took off after 17h25.
So I wonder, is it a sign? Why is it so hard to return back home?

But I don’t care for today, I’m back to my love, back home and we will sleep together tonight, and for that I can only smile 🙂


5 thoughts on “You’re flight as been cancelled

  1. Sim, sem duvida. Mas se nao tivesse conseguido voltar ontem a noite e passar la mais 1 noite eu ia ficar muito lixada, ja que para a semana vai ser mesmo de 2a a sexta. pfffvotos de bom fim de semana 🙂

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