What does family means to you

For me it’s being part of a home surrounded by people you love. In my case, my official law status is single, in reality I live with a partner. Therefore for me the two of us are together as a family.

How society perceives me?
I’m just single, so I don’t need to care about family issues, so I can travel all the time and go anywhere in the world because I’m not married and I don’t have kids.
I’m very mad at this society behaviour. 

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “What does family means to you

  1. Eu gostava de casar mas por mim, não porque a sociedade dita que assim deve ser. Se vocês são felizes assim, "solteiros mas comprometidos", acho bem.

  2. Pois eu sei, razao pela qual nao casamos. Mas e o que fazer quando o que a sociedade pensa afecta a nossa relacao? Falo aqui de trabalho e do facto de "nao me respeitarem" porque nao sou casada, logo posso estar sempre fora do pais 😐

  3. That's so true hun. But, I think like this: people make fun of me when I say I'm married because I don't have a piece of paper saying so.But to me – we're married. We do exactly the same thing as every other married couples, we just don't have a paper from a man allowing us to be. Not to mention, in the United Kingdom, a civil partnership is not a legally recognized marital status between heterosexual couples, whereas in Portugal, IT IS, and you have rights and etc just as if you were married.My mom and dad were together in a civil partnership for 30 years, and when they split, my mom was entitled to go to court to split up half of everything, even though they had no marriage papers, or anything similar.It's a piece of crap the way young women without kids get treated in business, seriously. You can have no aspirations, no personal life, no nothing. You're "young and careless" so you can work for them like a mule without any consequences. Bastards.

  4. That's precisely my point Dear. And it's so frustrating! It's just they don't recognize the personal sacrifice I'm doing every week to come here. I know it's part of the job and if I'm unhappy I can leave, but people have life outside as well! Because some people don't have any family at all, or don't care about the family they have, doesn't mean everybody is on the same page.Let's see how it goes, but if this continues I won't be able to take it much longer. At least I need to be recognized for my effort, it not it's not worth it.

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