It’s Friday and I’m in love

with music!
Love music all the time, love any relaxing sound, love good lyrics, love music that cheers me up. It’s something I can not live without.

My mom says when I was still in her bely I used to react to the sound of music and would move inside. I can’t say who my favourite band is, because I have many.

But I can say for instance Pink Floyd, because that reminds me of my dad. This is how I grow up:

Our band is Dream Theater (although we don’t really like the new album):

Our song – I walk beside you

“I walk beside you, wherever you are, whatever it takes, no matter how far”

Another beautiful one – The spirit carries on

Our latest addiction

And my favourite

Another band I really enjoy: Anathema
They are amazing live! This also reminds me one of my best friends, as we went to the concert together and had lots of fun

Then all the voices I love:

Paloma Faith

Clare Maguire

Also, I have to mention all the great Portuguese songs like

Amor Electro


And finally I have to share this one, because I really love it since I remember

Favourite instrument… hum, between violin and piano. If it has both even better.

Enjoy your weekend 🙂

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