When everything changes

It’s Saturday but I still feel sick, my stomach is still suffering quite a lot. Plus it’s cloudy and cold again. I know we need the rain, but it’s not even raining. Oh well… English weather! Just to think that yesterday it was beautiful and sunny.

And as the weather, it’s also life. 
One day everything looks beautiful and sunny, the next day there is a storm. You know those things that we think it will never happen to us, and suddenly they do? It’s really so hard. I just receive the news from one of my best friends that he’s going to split up after 5 years marriage. And I felt the pain, it’s so hard and most of all, it’s unfair. 
When you think everything is going fine, that life is smiling back at you, one day you woke up and everything you thought you had is no longer there. Suddenly everything is broken into pieces. And the truth is… it can happen to all of us.
The same things that once make us together, they can make us move away from each other… and it hurts. It’s hard to realize you were fighting on your own, that on the other side, someone’s looking into a different direction, which doesn’t include you.
I have no clue on how I would react to that, specially for me that all my happiness holds together because of my personal life, because I have him by my side. It’s scary to think that one day I can wake up… alone. 
It’s hard to expect us to be a family, to grow old together and suddenly realizing that I’m on my own.
We have to move on, to discover a new way of living, to redefine priorities… but it hurts.
Unfortunately some people will only realize your value once they’ve lost you… when it’s too late. 

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