Not a good week

The good news is, I didn’t had to travel this week, and I can sleep at home every night (how I miss this!!!, 1st time since November!)
The bad news is, I’m having a terrible week, lots of work, don’t know where to turn to and I’m sick. First it was the stomach, now I’m having a cold, my throat is suffering, can’t eat a thing…
How fair is that? When finally I can stay at home I’m sick.
Plus for the 1st time in years, I don’t feel confident about my professional career, it seems everything is going wrong 😦
I need a nap
ah, and to help out, tomorrow I have a meeting at 07h30 a.m!!!! Seriously?

2 thoughts on “Not a good week

  1. Tem calma… uma carreira não acaba assim, de um momento para o outro. Lamento a má fase, mas com calma tudo se resolve… e não é cliché!

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