In search for the perfect blossom

So after 2 weeks at home (during Easter because I was sick, this weekend because I had to work), I decided to have a little walk to photograph the blossoms. I have to say I wasn’t very lucky with the weather, it was colder than I was expected and as in April, it started to rain very suddenly, I almost damaged my camera.
Also because I was carrying my macro 50mm, I had more trouble in trying to frame it the way I wanted. And I’ve just discovered that my favourite yellow boat is gone 😦
This is what I’ve managed to take.

When suddenly I’ve found this amazing tree. Everyone was looking at me awkwardly because I was just standing below the tree and taking several macros. I wish there was nobody outside so I could take my photos freely.

And my favourite photo. I think it looks so romantic.

Wish you all a great week ahead


4 thoughts on “In search for the perfect blossom

  1. This weekend has been absolutely freezing, can't quite believe it, really!I think the first series is great, I love the detailed view of the subjects. I may be biased, as I quite like the 50mm lens :)Your blossom series rocks! And yes, that photo of the couple and the pink blossom looks VERY romantic and sweet!Have a great week too, Liliana 🙂

  2. Obrigada 🙂 eu tb adoro a 50mm, mas nao e muito versatil. ha situacoes em que gostava de ter mais angulo e ja nao tenho como me afastar mais a nao ser que me atire ao rio. mas tb obriga a puxar mais por mim e a ter de trabalhar mais para ter o que quero.e sim hoje tem estado muito frio, qual primavera!!!Votos de boa semana 🙂

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