The voice UK

Oh yeah, I’ve been following this show here in UK. I love the format, love the fact the judges have to figure out the talent just by the sound of the voice. It makes quite a difference, plus they chose based on how that voice could fit in their own style. This is so much better than the idols, especially our portuguese version, where I don’t like the judges, and the majority of the candidates don’t know how to sing, so it’s quite a waste of time.
Jessie is quite funny, Will I am, although I don’t like his style is very wise. Also we have the Sir, Tom Jones and also Danny.
Now that the teams are complete, let’s talk about my favourite ones.
From Team Danny
Bill Downs
Love his voice and love the song as well.
Bo Bruce
I actually checked her own songs on youtube and really like her voice. She somehow reminds of Dido.
Team Jessie
Becky Hill
Well, I really like her voice, I think she has quite a lot of potential, considering she’s quite young. But I think she’s quite arrogant. 
Jessica Hammonds
She looks so sweet, and considering her young age she has already a beautiful voice that can keep on growing. It was brave to sing Jessie’s song.
Kirsten Joy
I’ve checked her videos on youtube and I really think she has lots of potential, also like her style.
Team Tom
Leanne Mitchell
I think she has potential, like her voice.
Team Will
J Marie Cooper
Not because of her performance here, but mostly because of her videos on youtube, I believe she’s got a lot of potential. I love her hair, I wish I could be brave enough to wear it like that.
Jaz Ellington
This guy has seriously a beautiful and sentimental voice, which I definitely like. I have to confess I don’t like his music style, but he seriously can sing. I think he has great chances of winning
Joelle Moses
Again, not only this song but other covers from youtube, she has a beautiful and strong voice.

If you’ve been following this, what do you think?


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