Strange encounters

Amazing how suddenly our lives can cross! For instance in a bus when you’re going back home and a nice person offers you a seat and smiles back at you. That moment somehow is meaningful, even though 2 stops away she waves goodbye back at you even if you might not see her ever again.
Or someone sitting next to you on the latest flight, who’s reading the same book you are, and after a nice chat you realize you have a lot in common.
Who knows if someday one of this strange encounters can become your friend and be part of your life? I think it would be beautiful, as the majority of them we forget minutes after.
Life is full of surprises and moments that seem to have happened by chance. I think this makes every moment unique and special, a moment that is worth to remember instead of being forgotten in the next stop…

(I wrote this while I was on the bus)
Btw, I actually met a very nice guy in 2000, in a flight back home when I was little. I never saw him again and I believe I don’t remember his face any more, but it was nice and meaningful. 


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