The voice UK

The battles from yesterday, quite impressive. They are all so talented, it’s just wow (Previous post with my favourites)

Barbara Bryceland Vs Leanne Mitchell

They were both amazing, Barbara with such a strong voice, but I really love Leanne’s voice. She’s amazing.

Bo Bruce Vs Vince Freeman

They both sing beautifully, and love their voices together, but Bo’s just amazing! Hard one

Deniece Pearson Vs Ruth Brown

just wow, I think Deniece is really talented and very elegant in the way she sings. Ruth has this raw and strong voice. 

Jay Norton Vs Jaz Ellington

For me the hardest battle. Both of them are really really talented. Jaz has this emotional jaz voice and Jay just wow! I prefer Jay. This was really really hard.

And here it goes an original song from Jay

Bill Downs Vs Max Milner

I’m so sad that one of them had to stay behind. I love love Bill’s voice. Please someone sign for him so I can buy his album. Max is also really incredible 

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