Countdown to Lisbon

Oh it seems I have so much to write about today, that I will have to split in mini topics. 

Today it’s the day that we celebrate our freedom from dictatorship (25th April 1974). It was a non violent revolution, and actually it’s called the Carnation Revolution, because that’s what the military has used to show is discontentment with the Colonial War.
So much has changed after that, but the truth is, I don’t feel we have much freedom. Yes we can say what we want, but whereas before we were controlled directly, now I think we are controlled in the background. We don’t even have the freedom to fight properly, as people are powerless, jobless and so on. And also, I think the media are controlled by the political parties they represent, so any comment they don’t like, they will remove. But I don’t want to discuss this today. I could spend hours discussing what freedom is, and why we have it or not.
Sometimes I think I’m lucky to have been born in Europe in this century, much better than a few years ago, especially considering I’m a women. (But this is another topic).


Happy Birthday Mom
It’s also my mother’s birthday, 52 already (gosh time flies), but she still looks quite young. She loves to celebrate her birthday, and a curious fact is that, since she was born at 12h30, she only accepts birthday calls after that. In this case my sister would only have 1h to celebrate her birthday as she was born as 23! But we already used to this by now. Also, I don’t have any birthday present for her, as she doesn’t like anything. She only likes clothing but that it’s tricky to buy without her experimenting it. So let’s see what we can find.

Flying to Lisbon
And finally today I’m going on a long weekend to Lisbon, to see my friends, my house and my parents (as they went to Lisbon yesterday). It will be nice to be together again, I’m counting down the hours to go!
I didn’t plan what I will do once I’m dare, but I want to have pasteis de nata!!!

But now back to work as I have a lot to do before I go.


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