Swan Lake on Ice

How is your weekend going? I hope you can find lots of interesting plans. Here in London it’s very cloudy as always, and I believe today I’ll stay at home just relaxing before my exhausting week ahead. 
At least yesterday I had a really nice saturday. He was not working, but he went to an airsoft fair with our friend, while I went to Royal Albert Hall (did I already said that I really really love the building?) to watch Swan Lake on Ice. I have to say it was really beautiful!
I used to follow all the skating on ice competitions on television, I think it’s beautiful, if you mix that with ballet the end result could only be amazing.

We couldn’t take any photographs, so here’s the only one I took

Here’s a movie I found on youtube
Dreamy isn’t it?
After that, and because none of us had time to have proper lunch, we went to “Le Pain Quotidien“, one of those rare places where you can find proper bread in London.

Then the boys went to pick us up and we went home. Our dinner was bread with fresh mozzarella and a cup of hot chocolate (the one below)
And it’s thanks to days like this that I realise that I don’t need much to smile and feel happy: friends, love, good coffee, good bread and chocolate 😀

Wish you a nice Sunday


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