Random Thoughts

looking at the starts and trying to find a piece of me

trying to understand if in their light lies my soul

wondering out there


for answers for questions I didn’t even dare to ask


for better days when the fears of the past can be locked forever


to follow my own dreams

just closing my eyes in the hope I will be closer to you

than in my dreams you will be there by my side

guiding me through the night

calling me back home

flying at the sound of your voice

waiting for the touch of your hands

and feeling free

free to leave everything behind

and just be with you

as we are meant to be

together as one

living the dream within the dream

where time doesn’t fly

where there’s no need to pretend

no need to think about what’s right

no need to keep on following society rules

rules that don’t care about our individual dreams

being perceived in the middle of the crowd

not feeling lost any more

hand by hand, side by side

This is something I’ve just wrote now… I guess I miss him and I guess I miss the days we could spend more time together and at the same time it feels like I have no more control over my own life, but don’t know what to do to change it.
Also lately I’ve realise I don’t recognize myself any more. I used to write quite a lot, and it helped me understand who I was, what my fears were and somehow it kept me alive. Yes I do fear, but I also dream and my dreams are part of who I am. But if I don’t write suddenly it feels like if I’m leaving in a empty shelf, just limiting myself to follow the crowd, forgetting who I am, just existing… automatically. Going to work, sleep, do do do and no thinking, no emotions. Feeling empty and lost is quite a scary thing for me, because I always had this thunderstorm of feelings inside of me, it feels like a complete different person.

It’s easier if I just go to sleep… and dream… and in my dream be free


2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. E que tal um bloco, para escreveres sempre que sentires que tens de o fazer?Essa saudade, esse sentir falta, também sinto… há dias em que me sinto sozinha, mesmo vivendo com ele, passamos pouco tempo juntos.

  2. ja fiz isso, e nao me vinha inspiracao pra nada, ou entao vinha qdo me tinha esquecido do bloco. agora tenho usado o bloco de notas do telemovel, e ja escrevi textos no autocarro.pois eu entao mal o vejo, e ele ta passado cmg por isso 😦

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