It’s a matter of look

I have to say I don’t care about fashion, but I do care about having my own look, in the sense people will recognize it as being mine. It’s nice to follow fashion, and I try to in terms of colours and some tendencies, but what if the tendency doesn’t suit you? First of all we have to dress according with our body, even if that’s not the highest tendency in fashion. Example: I have large legs and I’m small, so for me forget about skinny trousers (unless the trousers are dark and I use them with a large shirt).

So here’s what I like:


I love dresses and I love white, but I’m so white right now that a complete white dress would not favour me, I would need something to give some colour, for instance the shoes, a belt or a necklace. 

Something like this:
Also I can only wear dresses that are fluid from my waist below, due to the my proportions, also, my dresses need to end before my knees. If it’s too skinny it won’t fit me.
Same rule as the dresses, they need to be fluid and finish above by knees.
But actually I prefer dresses or shorts.

Above my knees and ideally dark and not too large. Normally I wear them with shirts.
I have so many!!! All of them 100% cotton or silky. Ideally wear them with a scarf to match it.
The last shirt I’ve bought *and that I loveeeee* So adorable, isn’t it? I wear it with black shorts, totally Lilly’s style πŸ˜€
Normally small earrings, some necklace or scarf. I’ve given up on wearing bracelets because I keep on playing with them 😐 But the simplest the better, and I hate stones on the watches or rings. Just hate it.

Very easy wedges! Let’s be practical, I think it’s very elegant to wear high heals, but is that practical? I have to take transports and walk, I don’t want to count my every step.

Rule number 1 is that you need to feel good with your clothing! It doesn’t matter if it’s fashion or not, if it suits you and you are comfortable everyone will notice how gorgeous you are in your own style πŸ™‚


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