Living the present

I really think he’s absolutely right and I keep on feeling exactly that!

what if we are so focused in the future
that we forget to enjoy the present?
what if we spend so much time designing the to be
that we simply forgot what we have
if we forget to see?
what if the future never comes
and the castles we’ve build are just like clouds in the air
what if those you love will no longer be at your side
if the future ends up being you all alone
we always want more
but if we forget to enjoy the good moments we could have?

It seems there is no present at my feet
I just follow the crowd automatically
working towards goals that might never be reached
working towards a future that might never come
but the love I have by my side today
it’s the future I’ve always dreamed in the past

Can I just pause my life
forget about the past
forget about the plans for the future
and just be… be whoever I want to be
and live at your side
every single day 
because at least we have each other
and the future might never come


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