Exploring Venice

Hello! As promised I’m sharing my photos from my trip to Venice. I’m glad I went there as it’s quite a magical place. The reason why I’ve organized this trip was a present to celebrate my parents 28 years marriage (if you are wondering why 28, it’s just we’ve started celebrating at this time since the 25, were we went to Paris).
It was the first time actually the 4 of us were together in a trip abroad 🙂

The hotel
I don’t remember why, but after reading the reviews from the hotels in the heart of Venice, I’ve decided to stay in land and chosen this cosy hotel. It was really nice, but I didn’t sleep as I was too excited about the next day.

The weather was really cloudy but very humid and hot. I’ve planned what I wanted to visited in advance and had my map… but there’s no planning in Venice as the streets are really narrow and only a certain path will lead to a certain place. It feels like Alice in Wonderland labyrinth.
What is your expectation when you think about Venice? I have to say I wanted to visit Venice but it was not on my top list (neither Paris and now I love it). I had in my mind this place full of gondolas and with a beautiful light. 
I had lots of trouble taking the photos as it was very cloudy and the light was changing very quickly. Here’s what I’ve got.

The fish market. You have no idea how I wanted to taste this fish!! In London it’s very hard to find fresh fish like this.

This was the souvenir I’ve bough for me, a Venice made mask 🙂

My sister trying to read our map. It turned out not to be very useful, as there were a lot of very small streets which we could hardly find on the map.

After 8h walking around Venice this is the sum up, a place to return 🙂

2 thoughts on “Exploring Venice

  1. É a minha viagem de sonho, ir a Veneza. Mas como tenho pancada, meti na cabeça que só lá posso ir depois dos 30. Não me perguntes porquê, que nem eu sei explicar, mas talvez venha a fazer algum sentido. Mas talvez lá vá antes, nunca se sabe.As fotografias ficaram lindas de morrer.

  2. Opa se tens essa "intuicao" nao vejo mal nenhum em segui-la. Quando fores tenta ir no Carnaval, toda a gente me diz que e quando vale mesmo a pena. Eu fiquei com vontade de la ir de novo :)Brigada pelos comentarios em relacao as fotos

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