Sometimes don’t you just wish you could freeze time?

Sometimes don’t you just wish you could freeze time?

Stopping the clock in that special moment so it could last forever, so you could feel it longer? He keeps on telling me this several times: “I wish I could stop the clock right now and stay with you forever like this.” I wish it too!
Like when the sun is rising in the morning and we wake up together side by side? How I wish I could! Click a button a freeze that moment.
It’s just those moments seem to fly so fast and when we notice they are gone. But it’s because they last for such a brief moment that they are precious to us. We need the night for the light of the day to make us feel joy, we need bad moments too so we can value the good ones we have.
Unfortunately sometimes we only realize a moment was special and unique when it’s already long gone, when it’s too late and we can no longer live again. We can’t rewind, we have to keep on moving at each beat of the clock. We live thinking about a better future and because we always want more, we forget to value what we actually have, and sometimes what we have is already enough! Sometimes we let it all go away in the hope for better. 
But in the end, happiness is nothing more than a sum up of many little moments that make us feel good and special, it’s normally in the small little daily things. But oh no, we always want big! But this little daily life pleasures are so important, and they only last while we hold them, so we can freeze them in our memories, to cheer our hearts in the bad times.
Sometimes it could be nice if we could forget about our dreams and our hopes for the future so we could focus on the wonders of the present, like when he holds my hands and says he loves them and how he wishes to stay with me.
Being honest, it’s hard not to have goals or dreams and avoid getting distracted with the To Be. Everyone dreams. I dream too, although I remember having bigger dreams that today. My dream is to have a job I like, family and friends by my side and spend more time together with him doing the things we love the most.
The truth is we are not even sure about tomorrow, and the past is long gone, so I just wish I could be there with you right now and make the clock tick slower, so that the present could be the best memories of the past, the reflection of a future that lies in front of us. Whatever the future brings, I hope we can have it together!

(Note: I’ve wrote this during my flight yesterday)


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