It’s all about music

I think what we listen to says a lot about us, either depending on our state of mind, or what we really like. And it’s funny to see how our own tastes keep on changing through our life. When I was a kid, I’ve only listened to the radio songs, because I had nothing else. That and Pink Floyd, from the vinyls from my dad. I guess I have to thank him, because somehow that affected how my musical taste would end up growing.
Then, on high school (and with the internet basically), I started checking new bands and sons on the web and trading with my friends. It wasn’t until I was already at university that I had a nice internet connection. Before that it was the annoying phone thing, where I had to shut down the connection or else nobody at home could to a phone call.
Anyway, back to music, I have to say 2004 it was the year that changed everything, whereas if in 2001 I’ve started to listen to heavier songs than the romantic ones from the boys band (and yeah, I had the spice girl phase too). I used to discuss music with a friend of mine during our trips from our home-town to Lisbon, and that was the year I’ve turned into symphonic / female fronted metal, namely Nightwish and Epica and stuff like that. At the end of the year, on Christmas I’ve received two Dvd’s full of new cds of songs I didn’t knew. I have to say that was one of the best gifts in my life (offered from my dear one). That’s the year I’ve discovered Dream Theater. 8 years gone by and I still like the same bands, it’s just I’m now in a more progressive or jazzy mood.
All this time I still love Fado and sentimental songs, and during the last 3 years I’ve discovered a lot of new refreshing Portuguese songs: Donna Maria, Deolinda, Luisa Sobral, Flor de Lis and recently Dead Combo. Also I’ve always kept my taste for classical musics, I love love piano and violin.

So here’s a photo of the cds I have here in London (the majority of my collection is back in Lisbon), such as Pink Floyd, all the portuguese cds and Dream Theater. 

(P.s Nao consigo por a foto direita de maneira nenhuma)

Mentioning about Dream Theater, it’s funny that my collection is in fact our collection, because some of the cds are his, we only have one Dvd doubled in our collection. 


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