What should I follow?

Hello? How do you feel today? It seems summer has started, but not in England that’s for sure! Today it’s 15o and cloudy, and it seems it’s not going to improve this week.

Anyway as I’m on my pyjama working from home, I was actually thinking about how much we ladies struggler to follow fashion. We always see this fashion icons wearing new stuff and we want to follow because we want to be fashion too. I say break it! Follow your own fashion! I value more a person with its own style than someone who just follows and spends useless money in new clothing every new season.

The current trends:
* Skinny trousers – Oh yeah, it’s still for at least 2 / 3 years. My point of view, if they fit perfectly in a skinny person, with long legs what to say to a Portuguese specimen like myself with short and “large” legs??? They look awful!!! I love the shorts though, if I can use them with nice tights they actually make my legs seem bigger. Is it fashion? Maybe, maybe not. I don’t care.

Enormous heels. I’m talking more than 12 cm. Great if you know how to walk on them, but if you don’t, don’t sacrifice yourself. We can look adorable too in smaller and comfortable shoes! It’s better to have less shoes, but have nice, comfortable and versatile ones, that have shoes we only wear once because we can’t stand on them. Trick, if you really want to wear high heels or wedges, make sure the shoes are light! If you choose have shoes it’s guaranteed you will suffer. And for what?

* Pastel colours – Finally something I like!!!

* Peplum – Well, although in some cases it can look very feminine, we have to be careful because it might make us look larger than we are!

I’ve said this several times and I’ll say it again. Be faithful to yourself, discover your own style, how do you feel comfortable regardless what the damn fashion or magazines say. Forget the skinny ladies, the majority of them seem to be sad to me really, they don’t know the power of happy calories. Oh yeah, we need them too! It’s important to feel healthy and on shape. But we have to trust who we are, our weaknesses and strengths. We all have something special, and if we discover our own style and live with it, I’m sure that will show to the world too. 
I used to have a very low self estimable myself, very very very low really but now I trust who I am. I’m actually proud of my personality. There are plenty of beautiful ladies out there in the world, but many of them are empty shells. I swear it’s quite annoying to realize if you go outside all the ladies look the same? Same clothing, same shoes, same haircut! Bah!
I choose the freedom of being myself and not pretending I’m someone else and suffering because I can’t meet the target.

So some of my fashion icons:

Emma Watson
English, fabulous and super elegant

Daniela Ruah
Gorgeous, beautiful and Portuguese 😀

Zoe Dechannel
Gorgeous and faithful to herself. Love her style

Do they follow fashion? Maybe, I guess they create one. But all these 3 have their own style. So this Friday look yourself in the mirror, and smile because you have something special too and you can also create something unique: at your own way 🙂

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