The world is your home

And there’s so much to explore and to see!

So let’s see:
* Nationality – Portuguese
* Where do you live – London
* Where do you work – Bochum, Germany
And how an extra one to add to the list, my love is going to work in Zurich for the next months!

He’s very anxious about it and he would prefer to stay in London with me, or even better to return to our home in Lisbon. But nowadays the world seems to small (Portugal certainly is) and we have to follow the opportunities. 

I wish him a lot of good luck, I’m sure everything will go fine. At least he will be finally returning to work in something he really enjoys. Also he will have to learn German, and has he learns much quicker than I do, he will teach me afterwards! 

So it seems I will be now also travelling to Zurich. Good points about Switzerland in general:
* Chocolates

And Lindt’s factory is just below Zurich!!! First place to visit, that’s for sure!

* Watches
Love them! My favourite? CK! But they are so expensive
But I also love One!
(I have this one in brown)

Well, it’s a beautiful country and so close to Germany, Italy, France! Perfect to travel around. I hope I can do this 🙂

Good luck my love.

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