While you are sleeping

… because you are too tired of the stress of the travel, of all that’s happening in your life… I’m thinking about you and how much I miss you. How much better is my life since I live with you (almost 5 years). It was just a dream that actually came true. Since I remember my only dream was to spend my life by the side of someone who I would love and would love me back, to grow old together side by side. To be there’s nothing more beautiful than that!
Most of all, you are my best friend, the person I always tell all my daily stories, to whom I ask for advise, and I can talk for hours in a row and never get tired. But you’re also my love, the one that makes me smile just for thinking about you. The only person in the world (apart from my dad) that wakes up every Monday morning at 05h30 to drive me to the airport so you can see me on that day, who sometimes goes to put me in bed like we do with the kids, and kisses me a good night. 
Our life is not perfect (ohh far from it), but the relationship we have is like a dream to me. Sometimes I just wish time would fly slowly so I could spend more time with you.
I will always be at your side, to support you in stressful moments, to laugh with you in our silly moments and to love you every day a little bit more… even while you are sleeping


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