Am I the only one…

who keeps on thinking what can I do to help my country to get out of this misery? I have many many silly ideas but I don’t have any idea where to start. Does any of you feels the same?
Unlike our prime minister I don’t see unemployment as an opportunity, I see it as a problem that needs urgently to be solved and it’s certainly not by encouraging our young students and our future talents to get out of the country because there is no other choice. 

There is this movement called: “So Pitch“. I believe this is a very good idea, and they have already created very good workshops such as the last one “Sim, ideias para Portugal”. But this is just the beginning. It’s not only part of the candidates to go to the companies and give ideas, it’s also the companies duty to look at the employees and potential candidates as People, people that can contribute with great and positive ideas to help the company grow. It needs to be mutual, but the managers of our companies want to take the money to their own pockets and they don’t care much about the employees… which reminds me an old saying in my university (Aluno de gestao e carne para canhao!). But we are not just pieces, we are people, with ideas, needs and different personalities. 

Companies love to discuss about team work, that’s bullshit because they don’t honestly care! But that’s how it should work. I believe that no one better that the person that does the job can contribute to give positive ideas on how to make that job more efficient and better.
But no…. it’s all about the pyramid, they all want to be bosses and no one cares about they people below. They are the ones that can help the companies grow too!!! 
I have to say with all the words: I hate our portuguese way of working in Portugal. We love to spend more time showing to the bosses that we do that actually doing. If there’s someone below us, we don’t care, we use that person as a means to show we are on top. Hate hate hate hate… hate that!

But what can I do to change our silly way of working? How can I make the managers understand that if they look at people as people their companies will grow and make more money and be all better in the end? Yes, that means not changing the car every year, and yes that means not trying to rob the companies money but growing as a team and respecting the bases too!

How it should work

Actually the round table is a good example. It means that although you have people with more responsibilities (I call them leaders – they are expected to inspire and lead their teams -instead of bosses) but where all people in the company are free to share their ideas. I bet these companies are normally very successful!


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