It’s all about Mondays

Hi there!
How was your weekend? Mine was actually too short, considering I’ve only returned home on Friday end-of-day. But at least it was a good one because we’ve spend the day together. We slept longer on Saturday, we woke up together and lots of morning kisses (ohh I really miss that), nice breakfast and then some shopping. We went to visit an outdoor centre, supposed to be similar to our Portuguese Freeport… but it was only really high pricey brands, even with the discounts they are still expensive and I don’t really like the clothes. So we didn’t bough anything, but the place was actually quite nice and we had a nice lunch together.

Sunday we woke up quite early, at least I did, as I was suffering from my stomach, but at least we also had breakfast together. Then we’ve realize we had no ink at home, and we needed to print is tickets for the travelling. So a quick stop at the shopping centre. Well at least he managed to buy a very nice jacket from Zara. This one:

But as soon as we’ve realized, our weekend was over, and it was time for me to say goodbye. I went with him to the bus stop and if I tell you I wanted to cry??? I do this every single week, but I can’t get used to it. And I guess it’s because this time he’s also travelling and I miss him so much!

After my crying moment, it was time for me to prepare my 2 weeks luggage. After that, time to relax on the couch and what a movie.
And this morning… at 04h30 my alarm was ringing, time to wake up and get myself ready to another Monday flight (if such a thing is possible). It seems to be a good day, at least the sunrise was really beautiful 
Oh yeah, even this early I’ve managed to take a photo with my mobile phone. I arrived at the airport at 06h… and… guess what?? Any clue about what happened next? I’ve actually boarded, and I was about to enter the plane, when suddenly they’ve told us to go back. Problem with refuelling so the flight was at least delayed for 1 hour and then eventually they’ve cancelled it.

Normally I don’t have any luggage, but guess what, this time I had! So I had to get out of the airport, pass the passport control and get my luggage, get a ticket for the next flight (which I did for 12h15)… it was still 08 in the morning and go through the security again.

And guess what happened next! After all this time waiting, they’ve announced that this flight was late as well. We’ve only took of at around 13h something. I couldn’t sleep because there was a crying competition between 2 babies… they were trying to break some kind of personal record or something.

So I’ve arrived at the office at 05h15 (due to the 1h difference) and I have to say I’m exhausted! All I want to do is sleep, but I still have a loooooong week ahead.

Enjoy your Monday, the best way you can, by now it’s almost over. (And I’m counting down the days to go to Zurich and visit him!) 🙂


2 thoughts on “It’s all about Mondays

  1. Espero que já estejas melhor do estômago. Esta vai ser uma semana complicada… ele tem chegado a casa depois das 22, de manhã eu saio e ele ainda dorme, é chatinho.

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