Dreaming Houses

Well, the good news is: it’s Friday!!! (And it’s hot)
I’m working from “home” (actually I’m working on his studio), but the focus today is very poor! 

Anyway, I was checking houses in my area (I never get tired of checking beautiful houses) and I found some beautiful ones.

The key characteristic for me is light! It has to have lots of light! Then if it can be in a green / river / ocean area even perfect. I love minimalistic and modern decoration.

I can easily imagine myself having a tea party here!!!

And this one, I love the library! It looks so cosy! The next one is also a great idea, that mixtures a gorgeous Victorian house with modern

But as the title says, this are quite dreamy houses. Actually I like my actual house, love the location, the facilities, but still wish that someday I can actually move into a house with lots of light and a big garden on the back.
So let’s see something I could potentially afford:

A nice garden to potentially have a dog! Look at the next one, gorgeous!!! It’s affordable because it’s middle nowhere, meaning that if I don’t drive, I would be in trouble, but I love this garden!

I’m in love with this living room:
How does your dreamy house look like?

2 thoughts on “Dreaming Houses

  1. Gosto imenso de todas, não me importava nadica de nada… mas prefiro as casas em madeira, com aquele estilo mais antigo e romântico.E quero uma tshirt do monstro das bolachas, como a tua!

  2. eu tb gosto das estilo mais antigo, na pratica vem o inverno e a coisa nao funciona la mto bem pq deixa entrar o frio por tudo o que e lado.qto a t-shirt, oferecia-a ao meu querido monstro das bolachas. va copos de leite e bolachas, cheguei a tirar 7 pacotes da secretaria dele hehheheh se bem q tenho de comprar uma pra mim. eu mandei vir daki:http://www.play.com/Clothing/T-Shirts/4-/19426244/Sesame-Street-Women-Cookie-Monster-Face-Skinny-T-Shirt/Product.html?searchstring=cookie+monster&searchsource=0&searchtype=allproducts&urlrefer=searchesta ate esta com um preco mto fixe 😀 (entrega gratuita em pt)

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