oHhh poxinhas around the world

I’m seriously considering changing the name of the blog again, considering I’m not spending much time in London anyway!
A recap about my week:
* Spend all Monday in the airport, due to a flight cancelled, and arrive at the office at 17h (From London to Bochum, Germany)
* Work and lots of meetings
* Tuesday, nice dinner outside in the Bermuda’s Triangle – It’s a really nice area in Bochum, full of restaurants, bars and good mood, and even a nice pool game. I have to say I’m a bad player, but it was fun!
* Thursday flight to Zurich, which was obviously… delayed! This time due to the Thunderstorm at 13h. Bahh why are my flights always delayed??

Anyway, the point is, it seems I will be jumping around between London > Bochum > Zurich, not to mention my trips back home in Lisbon or Portimao. Should I change it to oHhh poxinhas around the world? At least europe anyway.

Here’s what I’ve visited today (my photos will be uploaded only next weekend)
I’m seriously in love with the lake area, so beautiful!!! And did I mentioned that today we had around 27 degrees??? Welcome summer!

Forgot to mention that there was a Latino Party in the city centre, so we had mojitos and caipirinhas! Oh yeah 🙂

Plans for tomorrow? Still don’t know, but hope something nice 😀

5 thoughts on “oHhh poxinhas around the world

  1. eu ultimamente tenho sido preguicosa, nao tenho colocado nas duas linguas. Pa quero acreditar que tenho ou terei leitores de outros sitios, dai em ingles. Vou tentar por nas duas linguas de novo :)Sim, vivo em Londres e trabalho na alemanha, uma confusao basicamenteVotos de boa semana

  2. Opa eu trocava, eu gosto de estar em casa, considero-me uma pessoa caseira. Nao faco questao de viajar todas as semanas mas calhou-me assim. Ja a minha irma queria ter um trabalho que desse para viajar mto sem estar mto tempo sentada no pc, e trabalha no escritorio as horas normais em frente ao pc, todos os dias no mesmo sitio hahahahahah

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