The pendulum

Some random words I’ve just wrote without reading them back | Algumas palavras aleatorias que acabei de escrever sem as ler de novo

Tick tack there it goes
starting a new jorney full of choices and possibilities
at the sound of a new song
the wind making me feel like I’m floating
slowly it goes… but it keeps on going
and then faster and faster
almost like if I couldn’t breathe
the anxiety grows because I know something is expecting me
in the next curve
behind the next door
but I go anyway, even if something tells me to stop
but I can’t go back, I don’t know how to
and then it hurts
the time stops for a second
and I’m lost
and waiting… waiting for the next tick tack
it seems I’m not moving anymore
but I am
I just keep on following
my own wishes? My own dreams?
Who knows what I’m doing
because sometimes I just don’t
and then the wind feels stronger
I open my arms to feel it
to feel for that brief moment the freedom
of letting myself go with the flow
but in fact the wind brings me back
and I wake up to realize I was just dreaming
I’m back to the same old beginning
until I go again
until I do everything over and over again
tick tack…


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