Money isn’t everything

How much would you be willing to pay for your peace?
Or the other way around, what are you willing to do for a few extra bucks? I’ve always believed that money isn’t everything, there are a lot of things that money can’t buy.
It can buy who you are (if it does, this says a great deal about you)
It can’t buy love… it can only buy interest
It can’t buy peace….
I know we can’t survive without money, that we need it… but it’s always amazing to me to realize how people are willing to go and to if they think there are a few coins at the end of the curve, because at the end of the day, that’s all that matters. It’s amazing how greedy and selfish people are!
Honestly I would give away a lot of money, if I could choose peace. I wouldn’t exchange my life for more money, because a lot of what I have it came from my willingness, conquer and quest and achievement. I’m not at all willing to become workaholic so I can have more more and more and one day wake up absolutely alone and empty.
For me money can be a kind of a shell, where you can hide how low you’ve become in big brands and a nice car. But whereas you sleep in a cold bed and go to bed smiling, because the love I have money could never buy it.
My dad always told me: “The more we have the more we spend, at the end of the day we end up with the same”. Oh dad, you were absolutely right, you’ve always been. We had a gorgeous childhood thanks to your choice of family instead of a career (and money obviously). This is a lesson many people can’t understand because more money is always welcome, I say break the rules and break free. 
After all freedom has no price!


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