About the future…

So before starting to post about food, this is want I wanted to write about.
Yesterday we’ve spend the whole afternoon together, watching the rain outside and relaxing on the couch (ohhhh can I say that I miss it already???) 
and we ended our evening discussing about the future… 
he was saying that so much can change in a couple of months, and for him it did! And then I’ve realized that for me it didn’t, I’m still doing the same, complaining about the exact same things, and it seems I’m not doing much to change the things I’m not that happy with, such as the travelling bit.
Well, that is improving now (after how many months?). But it’s true I need to sit down and think about what do I really want to do, because no one else is going to do it for me. 
Well, I like what I’m doing, and I like the people I work with (that’s what keeps me going), but I feel a bit like: “there’s something wrong here”. So yes, we need to plan, we need to dare to say what we actually want, but first we need to discover what we really want.

So why not now?
What do I like about my job
* The people – I really like the team I work with… although I don’t necessarily feel the same about my first shirt, I mean, my direct colleagues
* I like what I do, and I love when I feel that I’m being productive and doing something good, and that I’m being challenged. 
* It’s not boring… it will never be as far as I’m aware

What I’m not that happy about
* Travelling – But he’s travelling to… so now it’s no longer a big issue, although it’s tiring anyway
* My own team – I believe I can’t show all my potential right now, I’m feeling like I need a challenge in order to grow and go to the next step… I really feel there’s something miss here… and yeah, I don’t have a big connection with my own team
* My own uncertainties… the truth is, I don’t know what I would like to be doing. I know I would like to coordinate a small team, work together, do interesting stuff, but not all the specifics
* I feel that I’m fading out, that I’m not using all my potential right now

Action Plan
* Speak tomorrow with my boss, to ask for some contacts so I can try to drive some ideas I have in min
* Volunteer to organize the next team dinner… do I really want to? I had the idea of making a quiz to all of us, and then make a quiz with personal questions, like: who speaks more languages? so we can know each other a bit more, but not sure if this is a nice idea…

Indeed, if we don’t fight for what we want, if we don’t speak up, no one will!

Enjoy your week and think about your future, but not too much, some action is good too
(Eu sei, nao traduzi, mas e segunda, posso ser preguicosa hoje? Boa semana :P)


2 thoughts on “About the future…

  1. "Indeed, if we don't fight for what we want, if we don't speak up, no one will!"Isto é muito verdade, eu finalmente consegui fazer isto, não profissionalmente, mas pessoalmente.All in all… inspiring text you made there. 🙂

  2. eu pessoalmente faco, o problema e que preciso de confiar nas pessoas e qdo nao confio nao falo, so que isso as vezes e tramado.quando a ti, e ao teres tido coragem parabens!!! bem sei o que isso significa pra ti 🙂

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