When there’s something to throw you down
When someone else is planning how to destroy you
Hope… and breathe… try to think through and don’t forget who you are. Nothing will let you down if you don’t forget why they’re fighting against you in the first place: they are smaller then you are! They are jeallous of what you have, whereas they’ve got nothing, heads full of wind and evil.
“What would you do if you thinking sober ” Wait, and plan it. Protect your back, predict what can happen next and focus
The best thing you can do is to show out there that you’re fine and you’re doing great, that whatever is happening with you, you can survive it because you are strong.
I know sometimes it can be very frustrating and we may wonder: why all this is happening to me? But we have to breathe first and calm down to think wisely what the next step will be. 
Also, there’ll always be someone at our side to help us through (that’s what friends are for 🙂 )


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